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With an 25-year background in Brow Design and Beauty Therapy, Angela Ryan is focused on delivering the best in Brow Design, Brow Cosmetic Tattoo Training. After completing Nationally accredited training and attending ongoing master classes such as Suzie Mcintosh- Angela keeps her skills updated and on trend.

She strives to deliver an individually tailored training experience that ensures each and every student leaves with all of the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully and confidently find their way in the Brow Industry. Each Student can expect a professional and unique way of learning that is a little different to what is out there. 

Firstly, you train within The Original Face Studio - this giving you a realistic experience dealing with the everyday flow of a busy Brow Clinic and the Clientele, unlike Academy Training that do not provide this environment.

When you join the class, you’ll learn Angela's personal tips, the fundamentals of the treatment, how to build your Clientele, your name and how to grow your business. These components give you the extra confidence to look at your own operations in this industry in the future.

*Individually Tailored Training Experience - All these classes are held one-on-one*

The Original Face Beginner Fundamental Training Course 1-1

The Original Brow Workshop 1-1

The Original Lamination Class 1-1

We now offer PAYRITE to help you get things started!

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